Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quick Update

Here is hat we have been up to since the new year:

In January,We went to Whitney's Baptism in St. George and then had to hurry home for ...

From cardon center

From cardon center

Tubes in Olivia's ears. They have helped so much. I wish that we would have done sooner. She did really well and has slept through the night ever since.

We then celebrated with a trip to the zoo, with Grandma...
From New Album 6/11/10 2:44 PM

From New Album 6/11/10 2:44 PM

From New Album 6/11/10 2:44 PM

Merry a go rounds are one of her favorite rides.

We then celebrated Easter, We had tons of fun having 4 Easter Egg Hunts, kite flying with Poppy, a sweet party at SRP with the Sedigs and a yummy Easter dinner at Grandma and Grandpa Sellers house.
From New Album 6/11/10 2:44 PM

From New Album 6/11/10 2:44 PM

From New Album 6/11/10 2:44 PM

From New Album 6/11/10 2:44 PM

That was how we spend most of Spring, the other half was spent being sick. yuck! Summer has already started and so has the fun, but we'll save that for another post...

Sunday, March 21, 2010


So for the first time ever, Brad and I took a real vacation alone(well sort of). Brad surprised me with a trip to NYC to celebrate our 6 year anniversary and graduation, with our good friends Tom and Ashley. It was so fun to go back to the big apple, I love it there. I love the food, subway, shopping, landmarks, there is much to do there and it is so exciting to be there and feel all the energy that it has. We had so much fun staying out all night and eating tons of yummy food. We got to NYC in the afternoon and decided to explore the area around the hotel, we walked through the fashion district and to Madison Square Garden, then met up with Tom and Ashley.

We started our trip at our favorite wing place, Dallas BBQ. After filling our bellies we hit up a musical on Broadway, and had a yummy frozen hot chocolate and the best sundae ever at Serendipty 3. The next morning brad and I slept in and walked to Times Square to see if we could get rush tickets to West Side Story,. . . we didn't get picked but we did make a few friends. Then we headed to soho and canal street.

After a few souvenir pick-ups we met up with Tom and Ashley for the best pizza in NYC at Lombardi's, so yummy and then the best cheesecake and rice pudding. I think that all we did the whole weekend was eat, I am surprised we all fit in our seats for the plane ride home. After walking through little italy and chinatown, we decided to do some site seeing. We went to Grand Central Station, the Empire State building to see the city all lit up at night. It was sooo windy up there, but it was super cool to see all the lights and major landmarks. Then we headed to Rockafeller center to go ice skating. the line was pretty long and the rink was super tiny, so we just watched this funny old man skate around like he was in the Olympics. It was awesome.

Next was the most romantic horse drawn carriage through central park which lasted 15 minutes, the biggest rip off ever. And of course after that we were hungry for dinner at 11 oclock at night, so we went to the pop burger lounge. On our way home, we searched all of time square for the best dessert, but were dissapointed with our Roxy pick ups.

The next day it was super cold and rainy, we went to the Natural History Museum, Katz Deli (Best Pastrami Reuben EVER!), Dounut planet, West Side Story, Jay Z's 4040 club and a stop for a slice of dollar pizza on the way back to our room. We partied all weekend long and still had things to fit in before we headed home, so we woke up super early on monday morning and went up town to Tom's dinner, where they used the sign for Seinfeld, A walk through central park, the candy bar, The corner of Broadway and 52nd street and my accessory store that I had been dying to go to, and Bryant Park. Of course we managed to score some dollar pizza for the limo ride to the airport. Thanks to my Hubby for the awesome trip, it was fun to be a grown up all weekend long and to not have to share him with his other love of his life "Olivia." And to Tom and Ashley, thanks for the party, I can't wait for the next one.

Olivia Turns TWO

I am such a bad mom, but I am going to make up for it....

I can't believe it has been 2 years since we have had this cutie in our lives. Poor Olivia was super sick the whole week of her birthday. It started with the flu, pink eye and an ear infection. So there was no friend birthday party, but we did have a cousins birthday party before the sickness started. Olivia is totally into Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, so we of course had to have a princess cake. She had a lovely time, hopefully we'll have a friend birthday party in the summer, when no one is sick and far away from the holidays.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Christmas Craze

Wow this Christmas season went by way too fast. I think we were too busy partying to enjoy it. We finally got the keys to our house on Nov. 30. We are so happy to be in our own space with our own things, wearing the same clothes for 4 months is no fun.

We hurried to get things ready for our friends, the Heiners, to come and stay with us. We partied with them for the weekend, trying to sell them on the idea to move to AZ, it hasn't worked yet but we don't give up that easily. We took them to the AZ science center, barros pizza (for the best pizza and wings), played games all night long and the temple lights. It was sad to see them go but we are super happy that they came even if it was for only a few days.

After that we had to get things ready for Christmas. Olivia is a popular girl these days and lots of our family came to AZ to help her celebrate the birth of Christ. Both sets of my grandparents came, my mom's brother and his family, and my Aunt Lily. We spent the week of Christmas cleaning and shopping. On the 23rd we all went out for Christmas dinner at Firebirds, since Jenny and Bryan would be at The Bluth's house for Christmas Eve. Then the next day was spent at brunch and opening presents with Jenny before they had to leave.

We have a tradition in my family to do our gift exchange on Christmas Eve Night, it is usually followed by a fashion show where we get to show off our new clothes that mom and dad got us. This year was super sad because there was no show, no Jenny either. It just didn't feel the same without her or being at my parents home in california either. But we made the best of it, Olivia and I made sugar cookies for Santa to eat. We opened our presents. And then headed home to get ready for Santa Claus to come.

Christmas Morning started much later than usual. Olivia slept in until 9 (which is actually pretty early for her). Grandpa Sellers came to see Liv open her presents from mommy and daddy. Her favorite was Prince Phillip, whom she called her Prince Charming, once she unwrapped him. Then everyone from my Parent's house came over to watch her open her Santa presents and eat breakfast. Later that day we headed over to the Sellers' house for a traditional Christmas Dinner, with Grandma, Grandpa, Elizabeth, Rebecca, Kristin's family and Tiffany's Family.

We spent the rest of our time that week sewing with the girls and the boys played cards. We even got a chance to take my mom's parents to see the temple lights and see my brother in law's dad sing at the temple. We had so much fun with everyone that weekend. It really make me glad that families can be together forever.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jenny and Bryan's Wedding

Here are a few pics of my little sister's wedding. Fun times...

Snow White

Olivia had a great time trick or treating this year.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Olivia's first visit to Disneyland

So the day before we went to Hawaii, we took Olivia to the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. She had so fun much,at first she was a little over whelmed, but after two rides and a snack she was having a blast. Her favorite rides were it's a small world, Nemo and of course the Tea Cups. Olivia did so well that she stayed until 5 and then my mom took her home so that brad, jenny, bryan and I took go on some big kid rides. It was my favorite trip to Disneyland, I loved watching Olivia's reactions to the rides and character's.

P.s. She not a fan of Mickey Mouse....